About Us

Who we are

We are a licensed travel and tourism agency taking our clients to their destinations in the most convenient manner. We are a travel and tourism agency based in Dubai, UAE licensed by the Government of Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism. We are one of the best Travel and Tourism companies in the UAE. We have travel experience in handling worldwide holiday packages, hotel reservations, visa processing, and tours through a group of well-trained, experienced staff. YOYO Travels is a one-stop travel solution in creating unique holiday plans and activities in a hassle-free manner. All you have to do is choose your destination.

Our Services

Tours & Activities

YOYO Travels is your go-to site to get a complete overview of the available tours and activities going on while visiting your destination. We find you the top-quality tours that cater to your particular interests and ensure you’re always entertained by booking activities that will give you the unique experiences you are traveling the world to find

Explore your options and book them directly on our site.

Our team is always on standby to answer any of your queries, and to help you sort out the best transportation to and from the activities and tours of your choice.


Specialized in travel and tourism, YOYO Travels is a well-trusted site to find information about any possible visa requirements for your trip. What’s more, you can apply for visas right on our site, hassle-free.

Simply enter the nationality of your travel document and your desired destination to find out what steps you might need to take to ensure a smooth transit from your origin to your destination, and back again. Backed by our high success rates, rest assured that YOYO Travels can take care of the administrative work and get you prepared for your dream vacation.


Book accommodation directly through YOYO Travels wherever you are in the world. We provide a universal and easy platform to search for your hotel options and to make bookings.

Our team ensures that the site provides you with all the leading hotels in your place of destination to assure you of a comfortable stay anywhere you go. Depend on us to sort out the details and book your home away from home right now, inconvenience-free on our site.

Holiday Packages

We offer comprehensive tourism services that begin from the moment you depart for your destination until your arrival back home. Trust us to take care of your transportation, accommodation, and personalized tour guiding services.

YOYO Travels provides you with the most comfortable transportation, lodges you in the best-rated hotels, and takes you to the most popular attractions in your holiday destination so that your travel experience is stress-free, high quality, and fully customized to your tastes. This way you’ll only have to worry about enjoying your getaway.

Why Choose Us

Complete Travel Packages

We offer complete tourism packages with pre-planned activities for each day of your travel.

Visa Services

We are experienced visa advisors who provide the most accurate visa services ensuring a 100% visa application success rate

Custom travel planning

We tailor your trip at YOYO Travels so that it always meets and exceeds your expectations

Flights & hotel bookings

We guarantee hassle-free trips by ensuring you flights, safe transportations and top-notch hotel bookings

Travel insurance

We offer affordable travel insurance plans so you can relax and enjoy your trip

Competitive fees

YOYO Travels is designed to cover all your travel needs in one place for an affordable price —with no hidden fees.